Semi-Private Training

Have fun and get fit fast with semi-private training in Downtown Halifax.

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Why choose Semi-Private Training?

In semi-private classes, you’ll enjoy a blend of individualized coaching and group camraderie, together at a lower cost than you’d expect from standard personal training.

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Individualized coaching

In a small group, your coach is available to assist and motivate you through every step of the workout. This makes semi-private classes the perfect option for someone who prefers more coaching than you'd typically get in a group class.

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Group camaraderie

Fitness journeys are more fun with friends. In our small group classes, you'll work out with 3-6 other people pursuing similar fitness goals. That means you'll always have a little team to support and energize you through the sessions.

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Your goals

Your fitness goals aren't the same as anyone else's, so your workouts won't be either. Whether you're looking to lose weight, add muscle, or boost performance, your program will be curated for your specific aims.

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A flexible schedule

Plans change? No problem. It's seamless to skip a class, join up with another group, and train in a different time slot as needed.

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